Mini-Episode 0: Into the Fire

Klaus, Rook, and Armand headed into the battle-torn outskirts of Helvetia, leaving the Bear behind to try not to attract attention. Jen and Wilhelm were sent to scout around for a safe route into the city center.

Armand’s group were caught near the stronghold wall by two rebel soldiers who claimed to be working for a man named Guillaume, trying to overthrow Helveticus’ reign over the city. They agreed to go along patiently and meet him, interested in possibly joining the rebels.

A few blocks into the fortified city center, their group was ambushed by three of Helveticus’ soldiers and a sniper, who took out one of the soldiers escorting them immediately. A firefight broke out. Armand was able to find the sniper’s position, at which point Klaus teleported up to the window where he was stationed and took him out with an assault rifle taken from the fallen rebel soldier.

The rest of Helveticus’ men were neutralized, but not before the other rebel escort went down. Left with just the three of them once again, they made their way carefully to Armand’s garage to regroup and decide how to proceed next.


Awesome. But btw, will there be a section for the story so far that will be in the correct order? like, instead of recent at the top, more like a chronological telling?

Mini-Episode 0: Into the Fire

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