Armand Reneaux

French ace mechanic and scavenger


“There will be no more killing on my watch.”

Age: Early 30s
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Nationality: Swiss-French
Eye Color: Brown
Languages: French, English

Armand is an extremely skilled mechanic and a veteran scavenger. He takes his missions very seriously, but shows empathy to others in tough situations. His outlook on life is mostly positive, considering the state the world is in.

He built “The Bear,” an all-terrain transport patched together from parts of various civilian and military vehicles. It is extremely rugged and capable of handling very rough terrain.

Armand believes that killing another human should always be a last resort.

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High Concept: Adaptable Expert Mechanic
Trouble: ?
Other Aspects:
I Built the Bear
Thou Shalt Not Kill


Armand has lived in Swizerland his entire life. Before the war, he was employed at a motorcycle repair shop. He has been employed by Helvetia as a mechanic and scavenger for around 3 years.

Armand Reneaux

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